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Our mission is to create, strengthen and support families through the permanent placement of children in safe and loving homes.

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for Birth Parents

For Birth Parents Are you pregnant and considering adoption?
We are here to guide you through the process, from beginning to end and afterwards. Our counselors are always available to you.

For Birth Parents



Connecticut Adoption Services is looking for families interested in adopting a child from CT state foster care. Our experienced staff will provide personalized services to help you all along your adoption journey. All expenses will be covered.

For more information please call Sandra Couillard at 860-886-7500 x 355 or email


for Adoptive Parents

People consider adopting a child for many different reasons. The fears and hopes that accompany the desire to adopt are as different as the many different peoples who wonder if adoption is right for them.

Adopting a Child


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JOIN US for our FREE Monthly Information Session. MONTHLY INFORMATION...
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Grant opportunities are available for families in New London, Eastern CT, &...
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We are now looking for families to adopt infants of all races, as well as children...
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